Artists at Work

A theatre is first and foremost inhabited and experienced by artists. It is the place of creation, recreation and reflection, and where artistic practices and statements are generated. ARTISTS AT WORK includes a less noticeable but just as significant aspect of the work carried out by Teatro Municipal do Porto, focussed on fostering sustainability and working conditions for several artists in the city. This programme establishes a direct connection between research and creation, visible and invisible, The JAA! – Young Associated Artists programme will continue this season with ANA ISABEL CASTRO and the duo PEDRO AZEVEDO and GUILHERME DE SOUSA. The ASSOCIATED ARTIST programme resets with JONATHAN ULIEL SALDANHA, who will reflect upon his hybrid language together with and for Teatro Municipal do Porto during two seasons. As a support to artistic creation, the SHORT AND LONG-TERM RESIDENCIES programme will continue its development in constant dialogue with the creative people in the city.